Sunday, October 16, 2011

what it is

I sometimes feel like im a gay erotica writer.. when it comes to this blog.. i wish i got paid for it .. i could write about sex all day and get paid for it.

SO i have to write about Saturdays fun times, went to SLC to see my key holder and hang out. It was good times.. watched a movie Horrible Bosses super funny, then went to dinner then went to a play then then then.. obviously we don't need to relive every detail of the day.. it was a good day hanging out. the good times were when i got to hold his hand.. or feel him touch my face or hair.. feel him rub my arm or hand.. even just holding his hand was great and i loved it..

Long story short too late.. we went back to his place at the end of the evening.. after a drink or two at a bar and then a late late snack meal thing.. So i was totally expecting him to say he was tired and not invite me in.. BUT unexpectedly he walked into his house and allowed for me to follow.. we started to mess around a little.. it was supposed to be a quickie for all intents and purposes but turned into an hour or 2 later type quickies.. which i was plenty okay with.

So i had to fix the cage because it was pinching my rock hard boner which wasn't very happy.. after fixing it.. i find him on his bed with a huge boner and he is in his boxers.. so naturally im gonna go to his room and wait for him to ask me to lay with him.. or sit next to him or come close enough that i can touch him and vise versa.. So im on the bed and he starts to play with my nuts which are super super ticklish and sensitive.. it felt amazing.. then like a true punk key holder.. he starts asking me questions while he is playing with one of my most sensitive spots and pushing me to answer the questions when i falter..
He asked me how badly i wanted out of my cage.. and then started to touch and finger the shit outta my balls.. which made me collapse into a moaning heap of crazy because it feels sooo damn good.. i collapsed on him a few times.. only to be met with a gentle kiss.. which was soo hot and perfect.. one of my favorite things is when he is driving me crazy with his fingers.. and kissing me.. it makes me nuts.. if im laying on my back and my cock is lightly being stroked or my balls being tickled and im making out with the person touching me.. my back will arch and i will moan and start saying things.. and get really crazy.. i just melt..
So im allowed to play with his cock and balls.. and he is playing with mine.. and im going ape shit while he just lays there and enjoys not only the site of me going ape shit but the feeling of having his balls and cock played with.. He put one of my socks on his cock and i was jacking him off with it.. he would just grab my balls and it was uncomfortable but it made some of the pleasure intensify when he did.. like it would feel really great then he would grab my balls and squeez a little and id tense up.. then he would release them and start to play with them gently and it made the whole feeling even crazier.. So he started to really jack off and i wanted him to cum before i left.. so hes playing with my nuts and im playing with his... and he really starts to get into it.. he tells me that hearing me moan turns him on that much more.. so he keeps playing with my balls.. which i am in total support of because it feels that fucking amazing.
He started to twitch and arch his back and close his eyes as his orgasm came closer and closer to coming.. it was soo fucking hot watching him wank himself so then i got down and started to lick the shit outta his balls.. to add to the pleasure.. im sure most guys will tell you.. having their balls licked or played with while there about to cum only makes the feeling better.. so i am going to town on him.. and i swear i heard him moan just a little bit which made me go crazy.. i LOVE it when guys will moan for me..
He came in my sock it was pretty damn hot.. i heard him cum like the first initial blow came out and hit the sock i dont know how to describe what it sounded like but it was pretty fucking hot.. afterwords he had this really hot cute look on his face.. he was so exhausted at this point.. and cumming just sapped the last of his energy. He was sooo adorable looking though, i tickled him a little just to mess around and he would giggle and get this giant grin on his face.. oh it made me sooo happy it was such a turn on.. to watch him giggle and playfully fight back to get away and just smile.. it was so hot. then to make him cum and watch him reacting to my touch was amazing too.. So we stood up and hes kissing me.. and he starts to move his hand towards my cock and balls again.. and i just start busting up giggling.. and he says i haven't even touched you yet.. but i could feel his electric energy. it was jumping out of his fingers and tickling my balls.. i could just feel his slight touches.. and id just melt to the floor. he started to play with the cage.. and it drove me crazy.. just moving my balls at all drove me crazy.. so then he started to push me so my balls would move on their own.. god he is such a punk.. but it felt sooo good.. and he knew i was enjoying it. so he got to have an amazing organism and i got to have amazing BLUE BALLS hahahha but honestly to kiss him and gently touch him to make him squirm and giggle.. is totally worth the blue balls. So i had blue balls all night long.. and was only gonna get 4 hours of sleep because i had to wake up and drive to PC the next morning.

TODAY Sunday October 16, 2011

I got to see my key holder again today.. he is so cute. i got to cuddle a little with him.. then i was able to actually take the cage off for a little to clean. Its weird because i felt naked without the cage on more than i did before i had ever tried the cage.. it was interesting.. Anyways i also looked at my balls.. and they were hanging SUPER LOW ive never seen them hang so low.. it was pretty hot.. Then i was able to jump in the shower really quick and give myself a nice clean down.. using soap on my cock and all over my balls.. ohhhh it felt so good to touch my cock.. but i think it was in shock of having so much instant love it didnt get hard which i was kind of disappointed in.. i would have enjoyed a good hard full erection.. out side of the cage.. ive not had one for a week.. and today is day 9 that ive gone without an orgasm..
So finished showering which felt really good and fixed the cage up.. actually tried a smaller cock ring.. and it made a HUGE difference.. I have to be carefully getting hard.. I came home to get some homework and stuff done.. pretty much ended up wishing i never left SLC.. especially cuz i didnt get much done.. i cant stop thinking about sex.. i watched some porn and that only made matters worse.. My cock got sooo hard.. i know that there is part of the penis inside the torso but ive never been soooo aroused that i could feel that part of my penis.. well this time.. i was that aroused i could feel that part of my penis.. it was intense.. i pulled out my locked cock .. i had filled the entire thing.. and was still hard enough to feel the end of my penis inside my torso if that makes any sense.. it was nuts and my balls were sooo blue and full and hurting.. i seriously had to turn off the porn so i could stop being so hard.. it hurt to be that hard.. i need a release soo bad.. i told my key holder just to fuck me.. i dont even have to cum.. i just need him to pound the shit out of my prostate for a while..just to relieve some pressure.. it was crazy.. i really need a good fuck..

I think this whole thing is really messing with me.. ahhahha things i never expected.. changes.. and new sensations.. but this is what i wanted.. a new and deeper connection to sex.. i now know that without being locked up.. i would never go 9 days without cumming.. today i have literally thought about pulling out my cock and jacking off at least 5 times.. and every time.. i am reminded that i am locked up and cant do SHIT.. its soo frustrating hahaha

until next time..

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