Thursday, October 13, 2011

teasing and jonesing


Today after classes i had every intention of coming home and jacking off.. its been a full week today since i have had an orgasm.. pretty sure my penis is really lonely because it acts like a magnet every time my hands go near it, it starts to perk up like its finally getting the attention its been craving.. so when i got home today and realized.. FUCK IM LOCKED UP... it made my whole situation that much more frustrating.. My friends have teased me about being locked up.. they ask me how my no orgasm sex life is going.. and i say its fucking amazing.. when i get touched.. in the right ways or even just holding hands.. and kissing is super pleasurable.. i wont lie.. im totally going crazy for a good rub and tug.. i can feel my balls swelling.. the longer i wait.. i think they have started to give up.. on my brain making my hands do something to relieve them.. my penis is still fighting the good fight like a trooper.. and its pretty hot.. at least i get some enjoyment from my erection.. today was difficult too because i was walking and the tip of my penis started to slide on the inside of the cage which made it feel good so i started to get hard because any stimulation right now.. my soldier stands right to attention.. don't you worry about that.. well it got really hard and then started to rub the fabric of my underwear from the pee slit in the cage with only drove me more nuts.. because i had to keep walking to make it to class on time.. but i swear i just wanted to pass out right there.. it felt sooooo amazing.. just small light rubs..
Soo its harder today.. than its been for a while. I still wanna keep going.. and im pretty sure my key holder has absolutely NO INTENTION of letting me out anytime soon.. I do wanna get a little smaller cage and or smaller ring because i just have so much skin that i gotta keep reminding my balls to stop being cowards and brave the cold a little.. i have to pull them down which isn't always the most comfortable especially when i accidentally piss one off.. it gives me hell..
until next time.


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