Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Scale of 11-10 Pt. 2

As far as my chastity device and the close confinement of my cock and balls, they seem to be in unison now.. I've had minimal problems with any of it.. and from what it sounds like the problems are just the normal run of the mill discomfort your balls are not used to as much pressure and there is rubbing or sometimes skin/ hair catching at times.. in which you swear under your breath and then discreetly rearrange hahah.

So coming out to my friends about my kink interests..
So since they knew i had a date this past Sunday naturally they wanted every detail.
I was met with a range of emotions from my 3 best girlfriends.

first was R.G.- She was really quiet and then sorta changed the subject rather quickly.. I'm not quite certain if it made her uncomfortable or if it was just not something she really cared about.. she isn't really into sex plus she is married and has a kid.. so kinda your run of the mill vanilla boring bedroom sex that you'd find in the average hetero Utah family home. hahaha

Second was T.A.- She was a little more vocal and a little more giggly which made me giggle. so we had some fun kinda gigging and fantasizing about stuff.. she was pretty chill to everything she saw the appeal to why i am getting more into chastity and bondage, we didn't talk super long on it but she was pretty chill and comfortable.

Third was L.K.- This is the bestie i was the most hesitant to tell about kink.. because she isn't into a lot of things.. she definitely loves and enjoys sex its more she just knows what she wants and she is willing to tell who ever she is doing it with how to do it right so she gets the action she needs and wants. hahaha Anyways she was super over the top, she thinks I'm kinda crazy nuts.. couldn't stop laughing. and she doesn't understand how i am so willing to just jump right in and do it.. not to say she isn't supportive she is happy for me that I've found more things to keep me interested. she was just the opposite end of the spectrum from R.G.

So telling them was an experience in and of its self.. its weird talking about it for the first time.. especially cuz people don't always understand.. and you feel like you should be ashamed but then i think about it and its like.. well i know that my sex life is amazingly hot and its always different and there is not a god damn thing to be ashamed of. if anything.. all you VANILLA people should be more ashamed of not embracing your inner kink hahaha JK

I took a shower for the first time with my cage on.. and in the shower is one of the times i really like to get nice and clean.. so i will spend a little extra time on key areas of my body.. hahah it feels amazing and i love the feel of water running over my back and thru my hair.. Shower sex is some of the craziest, hottest sex.. totally enjoy the hell outta it. also 2nd I've not had an orgasm since last week Thursday. Tomorrow will make it a full week. I think the longest I've gone without climax willingly is about 3 days..

OH MY BABY JESUS! .. so my key holder was helping me fix a minor problem with my cage.. and he knows that my balls are super sensitive.. like.. ticklish beyond measure with the right touch and just make me weak in the knees and go crazy as fuck.. So were in the bathroom and he finishes fixing my cage.. hes sitting on his tub.. and what does he do.. pulls me close makes me straddle his legs so my thighs are pushed farther apart and my cock and balls are just dangling in front of him.. he grabs my balls.. and starts to massage and play with them.. seriously.. almost went into the tub.. both of us.. my knees buckling from the pleasure.. and he wouldn't allow me to lean on him.. which just makes it that much harder to stay standing up right i seriously felt like my entire body was engulfed in an electric fire.. my spine was super tingly, my legs started to go numb, very very potent waves were being sent from my balls to the rest of my body.. and i wanted to cum soooooooooo bad if i didnt know my body as well as i do.. i swear i would have cum it was that intense that it totally could have sent me over the edge.. but thats just a quicker way of making me climax if my cock was in his mouth and he had been sucking the head just right.. and playing with my balls and fingering me.. thats the holy trinity to make LEO FUCKING EXPLODE.. i am suprised i was able to stay standing.. i think i had a gallon of blood in my cock at the time.. my cage was pretty damn full hahahha .. I swear it felt like it went on.. for 15-20 min.. but it was more like 3 then he puts me back in my jock and tells me to go get dressed.. The thing about that entire 3 to 5 min scenerio that played those feelings can and will only get more intense... as i go longer without a climax.. while i am super turned on by it all its one of the worst cock tease tourchers ive been thru.. normally guys dont wanna stop when they have me moaning, swearing.. saying their name.. and digging my fingers into their body and grabbing their hair.. they like it and want it to keep going. I think my key holder really enjoyed it judging by the grin on his face.. but i think he enjoyed it more.. to stop and make me go get dressed.. hahah i guess a power trip like that would be pretty hot.. im certainly not complaining because ive never had such intense sensations radiate from my balls like that. so im excited to see what other intensities come outta my first lock up.
My key holder told me that today was the first day of my actual lock up. The previous few days that i have been locked were training days, so now i am locked for a minimum of 2 weeks.. which will be interesting.. especially because he gets unlocked tomorrow.. and ive only ever seen his cock locked.. and i am craving to play with it unlocked.. my cock is throbbing in its cage right now.. just thinking about being able to hold his hung cock in my hands with out any cages to keep its full magnificance in. hahha cock worship much?? i dont understand how all guys aren't gay.. cock is amazballs.. hahaha
anyways the rest of yesterdays events were more of a romantic nature.. I have a confession.. im a hopeless romantic.. I took my key holder flowers last night. He was really suprised but the thing that i loved the most.. was how he light up when he saw them. He opened the door and i was standing their with them.. its almost like time slowed down for a few nano seconds.. and i could just watch the beautiful emotion sweep across his face like words on the page of a book. By far one of my most treasured moments.. watching him light up from a small gesture that beats an orgasm any day.. then time sped up and he gushed to his friend on the phone about how he just got flowers. anyways. needless to say.. wonderland has been living up to and even passing expectations.. loving every minute of it.


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