Friday, October 14, 2011

lets talk about sex

This morning i had to have had a pretty big woody because it shifted my cage down quit a bit.. my balls were very very snug not in an uncomfortable way, im pretty sure that guessing by the dream i had and the lack of jacking off for 8 days would definitely give me a huge wood.

I want to be teased sooo bad.. i watch porn to get hard.. because without the sensation of being horny being locked up is boring.. there is definately the occasional reminder when i want to jack off and then remember i cant.. those times are frustrating.. Today i was contacted by a an only fuck buddy.. he gives the most amazing head.. this guy can deep throat me and make me cum buckets when he wants to. it helps that he totally loves to just play with my dick the whole time.. and slurp down my cum.. So anyways he messaged me .. because i had been trying to get in contact with him a few weeks ago.. so we could mess around.. Yeah he wants to get together tomorrow sometime.. i had to tell him that im locked.. when he found out i haven't jacked off for 8 days.. his mouth started to water.. he knows why my cum shot is like when i haven't wanked for 2 days.. let alone 8.

I remember warning him just before i came it filled his mouth so rapidly he ended up licking cum off my balls because he couldn't swallow fast enough.. he sorta gagged because the force of my shot hit the back of his throat.. i thought it was super hot.. hahaha kinda giggled a little.. not very nice but he swallowed it all down and made sure he got every last drop off my cock and balls.. then he wanted a second round.. that load was smaller but still fucking amazing..
SO anyways told him i was locked.. he said thats weird.. and then i havent heard from him again.. he was really hopping he could help me get that 8 day load out.. and had i not been locked up.. i would have greatly obliged..

Today i hung out with some friends and we talked a ton about sex.. they cracked some jokes about me being locked up.. and i told them how hard it makes me and how horny i am.. they aren't that sympathetic because i did this to myself.. but on the other hand they also see why im doing it.. because its HOT AS HELL.. honestly .. i just wanna get tied down and edged till my head explodes.. i totally wanna cum but if my key holder just waned to torture me.. id let him..

here's a really hot fantasy of mine.. I want a guy to just push me up against the wall and kiss me.. make out with me.. grab my crotch and get me hard.. force to to suck his cock till he's hard.. i wanna be tied down and played with till im begging for it to stop.. because the pleasure is sooooo overwhelming.. but i cant cum.. then i want them to just have their way with me.. how ever they want..

can you tell i havent jacked off for 8 days?? hahaha so horny.. thats all. Read a super super hot story today about chastity.. and it totally made me so happy and horny that im in chastity.. I love that a guy has control over my cock and decides when i get out of my cage and when i get to cum.. its soooo fucking hot.. to not have that control.. the frustrations are certainly great i wont lie but its pretty worth it.. i have an awesome key holder thus far.. itd be interesting to see what other craziness he pulls out.. who knows.. for now.. im going to bed horny as fuck and i will most likely wake up with a huge wood again..
at least in my dream im having some sort of sexual contact.. I never cum in my dreams.. i think my subconscious's cock is locked up also.. hahaha


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