Sunday, October 9, 2011

the first 12 hours

So i met this amazing guy,
isn't that where everything starts to go down rabbit holes so to speak?? Anyways.. I met an amazing guy who has unlocked another side of my "sexualness" for lack of a better term. I am currently in my 12th hour of being "locked up" I currently have a chastity device on my penis preventing me from masturbation and any sort of sex using my penis. I willingly put the device on because I crave a deeper connection to sex and who I am going to have sex with.
as far as the great guy.. he is in total support in fact he is the one that gave me the device to borrow and use, I think what makes this 20 times better.. is he will be the first one I will have the pleasure of having any sort of sexual contact with when I fulfill the amount of time that i will be "locked" or chaste for. This turns me on soooo much words can not describe. I fill this is the deeper meaning and connection that i needed with sex and with my partner.
So here is a blog about my journey into the wonder land of kink and fetish.. I have finally met someone that is willing to teach and enjoy a new student, as much as the student will enjoy their new teacher.
i will write again tomorrow. as it will be my second day "locked" and first full real day of having the device all day long. Here it goes.. deeper into the rabbit hole ..


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