Sunday, October 16, 2011

what it is

I sometimes feel like im a gay erotica writer.. when it comes to this blog.. i wish i got paid for it .. i could write about sex all day and get paid for it.

SO i have to write about Saturdays fun times, went to SLC to see my key holder and hang out. It was good times.. watched a movie Horrible Bosses super funny, then went to dinner then went to a play then then then.. obviously we don't need to relive every detail of the day.. it was a good day hanging out. the good times were when i got to hold his hand.. or feel him touch my face or hair.. feel him rub my arm or hand.. even just holding his hand was great and i loved it..

Long story short too late.. we went back to his place at the end of the evening.. after a drink or two at a bar and then a late late snack meal thing.. So i was totally expecting him to say he was tired and not invite me in.. BUT unexpectedly he walked into his house and allowed for me to follow.. we started to mess around a little.. it was supposed to be a quickie for all intents and purposes but turned into an hour or 2 later type quickies.. which i was plenty okay with.

So i had to fix the cage because it was pinching my rock hard boner which wasn't very happy.. after fixing it.. i find him on his bed with a huge boner and he is in his boxers.. so naturally im gonna go to his room and wait for him to ask me to lay with him.. or sit next to him or come close enough that i can touch him and vise versa.. So im on the bed and he starts to play with my nuts which are super super ticklish and sensitive.. it felt amazing.. then like a true punk key holder.. he starts asking me questions while he is playing with one of my most sensitive spots and pushing me to answer the questions when i falter..
He asked me how badly i wanted out of my cage.. and then started to touch and finger the shit outta my balls.. which made me collapse into a moaning heap of crazy because it feels sooo damn good.. i collapsed on him a few times.. only to be met with a gentle kiss.. which was soo hot and perfect.. one of my favorite things is when he is driving me crazy with his fingers.. and kissing me.. it makes me nuts.. if im laying on my back and my cock is lightly being stroked or my balls being tickled and im making out with the person touching me.. my back will arch and i will moan and start saying things.. and get really crazy.. i just melt..
So im allowed to play with his cock and balls.. and he is playing with mine.. and im going ape shit while he just lays there and enjoys not only the site of me going ape shit but the feeling of having his balls and cock played with.. He put one of my socks on his cock and i was jacking him off with it.. he would just grab my balls and it was uncomfortable but it made some of the pleasure intensify when he did.. like it would feel really great then he would grab my balls and squeez a little and id tense up.. then he would release them and start to play with them gently and it made the whole feeling even crazier.. So he started to really jack off and i wanted him to cum before i left.. so hes playing with my nuts and im playing with his... and he really starts to get into it.. he tells me that hearing me moan turns him on that much more.. so he keeps playing with my balls.. which i am in total support of because it feels that fucking amazing.
He started to twitch and arch his back and close his eyes as his orgasm came closer and closer to coming.. it was soo fucking hot watching him wank himself so then i got down and started to lick the shit outta his balls.. to add to the pleasure.. im sure most guys will tell you.. having their balls licked or played with while there about to cum only makes the feeling better.. so i am going to town on him.. and i swear i heard him moan just a little bit which made me go crazy.. i LOVE it when guys will moan for me..
He came in my sock it was pretty damn hot.. i heard him cum like the first initial blow came out and hit the sock i dont know how to describe what it sounded like but it was pretty fucking hot.. afterwords he had this really hot cute look on his face.. he was so exhausted at this point.. and cumming just sapped the last of his energy. He was sooo adorable looking though, i tickled him a little just to mess around and he would giggle and get this giant grin on his face.. oh it made me sooo happy it was such a turn on.. to watch him giggle and playfully fight back to get away and just smile.. it was so hot. then to make him cum and watch him reacting to my touch was amazing too.. So we stood up and hes kissing me.. and he starts to move his hand towards my cock and balls again.. and i just start busting up giggling.. and he says i haven't even touched you yet.. but i could feel his electric energy. it was jumping out of his fingers and tickling my balls.. i could just feel his slight touches.. and id just melt to the floor. he started to play with the cage.. and it drove me crazy.. just moving my balls at all drove me crazy.. so then he started to push me so my balls would move on their own.. god he is such a punk.. but it felt sooo good.. and he knew i was enjoying it. so he got to have an amazing organism and i got to have amazing BLUE BALLS hahahha but honestly to kiss him and gently touch him to make him squirm and giggle.. is totally worth the blue balls. So i had blue balls all night long.. and was only gonna get 4 hours of sleep because i had to wake up and drive to PC the next morning.

TODAY Sunday October 16, 2011

I got to see my key holder again today.. he is so cute. i got to cuddle a little with him.. then i was able to actually take the cage off for a little to clean. Its weird because i felt naked without the cage on more than i did before i had ever tried the cage.. it was interesting.. Anyways i also looked at my balls.. and they were hanging SUPER LOW ive never seen them hang so low.. it was pretty hot.. Then i was able to jump in the shower really quick and give myself a nice clean down.. using soap on my cock and all over my balls.. ohhhh it felt so good to touch my cock.. but i think it was in shock of having so much instant love it didnt get hard which i was kind of disappointed in.. i would have enjoyed a good hard full erection.. out side of the cage.. ive not had one for a week.. and today is day 9 that ive gone without an orgasm..
So finished showering which felt really good and fixed the cage up.. actually tried a smaller cock ring.. and it made a HUGE difference.. I have to be carefully getting hard.. I came home to get some homework and stuff done.. pretty much ended up wishing i never left SLC.. especially cuz i didnt get much done.. i cant stop thinking about sex.. i watched some porn and that only made matters worse.. My cock got sooo hard.. i know that there is part of the penis inside the torso but ive never been soooo aroused that i could feel that part of my penis.. well this time.. i was that aroused i could feel that part of my penis.. it was intense.. i pulled out my locked cock .. i had filled the entire thing.. and was still hard enough to feel the end of my penis inside my torso if that makes any sense.. it was nuts and my balls were sooo blue and full and hurting.. i seriously had to turn off the porn so i could stop being so hard.. it hurt to be that hard.. i need a release soo bad.. i told my key holder just to fuck me.. i dont even have to cum.. i just need him to pound the shit out of my prostate for a while..just to relieve some pressure.. it was crazy.. i really need a good fuck..

I think this whole thing is really messing with me.. ahhahha things i never expected.. changes.. and new sensations.. but this is what i wanted.. a new and deeper connection to sex.. i now know that without being locked up.. i would never go 9 days without cumming.. today i have literally thought about pulling out my cock and jacking off at least 5 times.. and every time.. i am reminded that i am locked up and cant do SHIT.. its soo frustrating hahaha

until next time..


Can anyone fucking tell my why the hell i agreed to lock my fucking cock up.. I just saw this clip.. and i swear i could cum to it.. like 5 times right now.. stick a dildo in my hole and just go to town for a few hours.. Dean Monroe is one of my all time fave porn stars.. think he is absolutely gorgeous!! i am more into the video for the first few min when the 2 black guys are DPing the fuck outta him.. i wish that was my ass right now.. The rest of the clip is good.. love seeing all the beautiful chocolate cocks.. anyways since im sooo hornd cant really focus.. im gonna post this and then post another about my day yesterday..

Second link is a vid i talked about a few days ago in one of my posts about a hot black guy pounding a white guy.. this is the video

Third link is to a really hot chastity story I read that i totally loved! there are 3 parts so hope you enjoy reading!! :D

Friday, October 14, 2011

lets talk about sex

This morning i had to have had a pretty big woody because it shifted my cage down quit a bit.. my balls were very very snug not in an uncomfortable way, im pretty sure that guessing by the dream i had and the lack of jacking off for 8 days would definitely give me a huge wood.

I want to be teased sooo bad.. i watch porn to get hard.. because without the sensation of being horny being locked up is boring.. there is definately the occasional reminder when i want to jack off and then remember i cant.. those times are frustrating.. Today i was contacted by a an only fuck buddy.. he gives the most amazing head.. this guy can deep throat me and make me cum buckets when he wants to. it helps that he totally loves to just play with my dick the whole time.. and slurp down my cum.. So anyways he messaged me .. because i had been trying to get in contact with him a few weeks ago.. so we could mess around.. Yeah he wants to get together tomorrow sometime.. i had to tell him that im locked.. when he found out i haven't jacked off for 8 days.. his mouth started to water.. he knows why my cum shot is like when i haven't wanked for 2 days.. let alone 8.

I remember warning him just before i came it filled his mouth so rapidly he ended up licking cum off my balls because he couldn't swallow fast enough.. he sorta gagged because the force of my shot hit the back of his throat.. i thought it was super hot.. hahaha kinda giggled a little.. not very nice but he swallowed it all down and made sure he got every last drop off my cock and balls.. then he wanted a second round.. that load was smaller but still fucking amazing..
SO anyways told him i was locked.. he said thats weird.. and then i havent heard from him again.. he was really hopping he could help me get that 8 day load out.. and had i not been locked up.. i would have greatly obliged..

Today i hung out with some friends and we talked a ton about sex.. they cracked some jokes about me being locked up.. and i told them how hard it makes me and how horny i am.. they aren't that sympathetic because i did this to myself.. but on the other hand they also see why im doing it.. because its HOT AS HELL.. honestly .. i just wanna get tied down and edged till my head explodes.. i totally wanna cum but if my key holder just waned to torture me.. id let him..

here's a really hot fantasy of mine.. I want a guy to just push me up against the wall and kiss me.. make out with me.. grab my crotch and get me hard.. force to to suck his cock till he's hard.. i wanna be tied down and played with till im begging for it to stop.. because the pleasure is sooooo overwhelming.. but i cant cum.. then i want them to just have their way with me.. how ever they want..

can you tell i havent jacked off for 8 days?? hahaha so horny.. thats all. Read a super super hot story today about chastity.. and it totally made me so happy and horny that im in chastity.. I love that a guy has control over my cock and decides when i get out of my cage and when i get to cum.. its soooo fucking hot.. to not have that control.. the frustrations are certainly great i wont lie but its pretty worth it.. i have an awesome key holder thus far.. itd be interesting to see what other craziness he pulls out.. who knows.. for now.. im going to bed horny as fuck and i will most likely wake up with a huge wood again..
at least in my dream im having some sort of sexual contact.. I never cum in my dreams.. i think my subconscious's cock is locked up also.. hahaha


Thursday, October 13, 2011

teasing and jonesing


Today after classes i had every intention of coming home and jacking off.. its been a full week today since i have had an orgasm.. pretty sure my penis is really lonely because it acts like a magnet every time my hands go near it, it starts to perk up like its finally getting the attention its been craving.. so when i got home today and realized.. FUCK IM LOCKED UP... it made my whole situation that much more frustrating.. My friends have teased me about being locked up.. they ask me how my no orgasm sex life is going.. and i say its fucking amazing.. when i get touched.. in the right ways or even just holding hands.. and kissing is super pleasurable.. i wont lie.. im totally going crazy for a good rub and tug.. i can feel my balls swelling.. the longer i wait.. i think they have started to give up.. on my brain making my hands do something to relieve them.. my penis is still fighting the good fight like a trooper.. and its pretty hot.. at least i get some enjoyment from my erection.. today was difficult too because i was walking and the tip of my penis started to slide on the inside of the cage which made it feel good so i started to get hard because any stimulation right now.. my soldier stands right to attention.. don't you worry about that.. well it got really hard and then started to rub the fabric of my underwear from the pee slit in the cage with only drove me more nuts.. because i had to keep walking to make it to class on time.. but i swear i just wanted to pass out right there.. it felt sooooo amazing.. just small light rubs..
Soo its harder today.. than its been for a while. I still wanna keep going.. and im pretty sure my key holder has absolutely NO INTENTION of letting me out anytime soon.. I do wanna get a little smaller cage and or smaller ring because i just have so much skin that i gotta keep reminding my balls to stop being cowards and brave the cold a little.. i have to pull them down which isn't always the most comfortable especially when i accidentally piss one off.. it gives me hell..
until next time.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

striping down

Today hasn't been to much different than other days.. today is the first day that i am locked truly locked.. My key holder and I had a discussion about this, I said things in my past posts that made it sound like it was just a coincidence that he had a key and i had a key.. and that in 2 weeks i could take the device off and whatever happens after happens.. This was not my intention at all.
I started into chastity because i think its hot and sexxy to be submissive to someone.. that they locked up a vital part of me that i dont have access too. I thnk its hot that he is choosing how long i am locked up and if and when i get out, just because he lets me out doesn't mean he is going to touch me.. and it sure as hell doesn't mean he is gonna let me touch myself.. the whole thought of it just makes me hard in my cage.. Todays been a little more difficult.. ive been hard most of the day.. with minor reprieves here and there. My friend tickled my back.. and i totally got the hardest boner ever.. it felt soooo good.. just being touched at all has felt good.. i was drumming my fingers against my dest at school today and i was paying attention to the feeling of the pads of each individual finger hit the desk.
its crazy how penis centric my life has been.. most of my "pleasure" has come into and out of my body from that one part.

Today has given me a lot to think about and i am not quite ready to display it on the blog.. i use this as a tool to help me think and to just let the cards lay where they will but for the emotions and thoughts ive had today i need to deal with a little more.. there still raw.

love and light,


Scale of 11-10 Pt. 2

As far as my chastity device and the close confinement of my cock and balls, they seem to be in unison now.. I've had minimal problems with any of it.. and from what it sounds like the problems are just the normal run of the mill discomfort your balls are not used to as much pressure and there is rubbing or sometimes skin/ hair catching at times.. in which you swear under your breath and then discreetly rearrange hahah.

So coming out to my friends about my kink interests..
So since they knew i had a date this past Sunday naturally they wanted every detail.
I was met with a range of emotions from my 3 best girlfriends.

first was R.G.- She was really quiet and then sorta changed the subject rather quickly.. I'm not quite certain if it made her uncomfortable or if it was just not something she really cared about.. she isn't really into sex plus she is married and has a kid.. so kinda your run of the mill vanilla boring bedroom sex that you'd find in the average hetero Utah family home. hahaha

Second was T.A.- She was a little more vocal and a little more giggly which made me giggle. so we had some fun kinda gigging and fantasizing about stuff.. she was pretty chill to everything she saw the appeal to why i am getting more into chastity and bondage, we didn't talk super long on it but she was pretty chill and comfortable.

Third was L.K.- This is the bestie i was the most hesitant to tell about kink.. because she isn't into a lot of things.. she definitely loves and enjoys sex its more she just knows what she wants and she is willing to tell who ever she is doing it with how to do it right so she gets the action she needs and wants. hahaha Anyways she was super over the top, she thinks I'm kinda crazy nuts.. couldn't stop laughing. and she doesn't understand how i am so willing to just jump right in and do it.. not to say she isn't supportive she is happy for me that I've found more things to keep me interested. she was just the opposite end of the spectrum from R.G.

So telling them was an experience in and of its self.. its weird talking about it for the first time.. especially cuz people don't always understand.. and you feel like you should be ashamed but then i think about it and its like.. well i know that my sex life is amazingly hot and its always different and there is not a god damn thing to be ashamed of. if anything.. all you VANILLA people should be more ashamed of not embracing your inner kink hahaha JK

I took a shower for the first time with my cage on.. and in the shower is one of the times i really like to get nice and clean.. so i will spend a little extra time on key areas of my body.. hahah it feels amazing and i love the feel of water running over my back and thru my hair.. Shower sex is some of the craziest, hottest sex.. totally enjoy the hell outta it. also 2nd I've not had an orgasm since last week Thursday. Tomorrow will make it a full week. I think the longest I've gone without climax willingly is about 3 days..

OH MY BABY JESUS! .. so my key holder was helping me fix a minor problem with my cage.. and he knows that my balls are super sensitive.. like.. ticklish beyond measure with the right touch and just make me weak in the knees and go crazy as fuck.. So were in the bathroom and he finishes fixing my cage.. hes sitting on his tub.. and what does he do.. pulls me close makes me straddle his legs so my thighs are pushed farther apart and my cock and balls are just dangling in front of him.. he grabs my balls.. and starts to massage and play with them.. seriously.. almost went into the tub.. both of us.. my knees buckling from the pleasure.. and he wouldn't allow me to lean on him.. which just makes it that much harder to stay standing up right i seriously felt like my entire body was engulfed in an electric fire.. my spine was super tingly, my legs started to go numb, very very potent waves were being sent from my balls to the rest of my body.. and i wanted to cum soooooooooo bad if i didnt know my body as well as i do.. i swear i would have cum it was that intense that it totally could have sent me over the edge.. but thats just a quicker way of making me climax if my cock was in his mouth and he had been sucking the head just right.. and playing with my balls and fingering me.. thats the holy trinity to make LEO FUCKING EXPLODE.. i am suprised i was able to stay standing.. i think i had a gallon of blood in my cock at the time.. my cage was pretty damn full hahahha .. I swear it felt like it went on.. for 15-20 min.. but it was more like 3 then he puts me back in my jock and tells me to go get dressed.. The thing about that entire 3 to 5 min scenerio that played those feelings can and will only get more intense... as i go longer without a climax.. while i am super turned on by it all its one of the worst cock tease tourchers ive been thru.. normally guys dont wanna stop when they have me moaning, swearing.. saying their name.. and digging my fingers into their body and grabbing their hair.. they like it and want it to keep going. I think my key holder really enjoyed it judging by the grin on his face.. but i think he enjoyed it more.. to stop and make me go get dressed.. hahah i guess a power trip like that would be pretty hot.. im certainly not complaining because ive never had such intense sensations radiate from my balls like that. so im excited to see what other intensities come outta my first lock up.
My key holder told me that today was the first day of my actual lock up. The previous few days that i have been locked were training days, so now i am locked for a minimum of 2 weeks.. which will be interesting.. especially because he gets unlocked tomorrow.. and ive only ever seen his cock locked.. and i am craving to play with it unlocked.. my cock is throbbing in its cage right now.. just thinking about being able to hold his hung cock in my hands with out any cages to keep its full magnificance in. hahha cock worship much?? i dont understand how all guys aren't gay.. cock is amazballs.. hahaha
anyways the rest of yesterdays events were more of a romantic nature.. I have a confession.. im a hopeless romantic.. I took my key holder flowers last night. He was really suprised but the thing that i loved the most.. was how he light up when he saw them. He opened the door and i was standing their with them.. its almost like time slowed down for a few nano seconds.. and i could just watch the beautiful emotion sweep across his face like words on the page of a book. By far one of my most treasured moments.. watching him light up from a small gesture that beats an orgasm any day.. then time sped up and he gushed to his friend on the phone about how he just got flowers. anyways. needless to say.. wonderland has been living up to and even passing expectations.. loving every minute of it.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

scale of 1 to 10 Pt. 1

SO its late and i don't feel I can give an accurate description of today's events.. because I'm still reeling from the nights events.. just a little teaser trailer.. i saw my key holder. Who is so fucking lickable and touchable and kissable.. and many MANY other words you can add "able" to the end of.. so if you need it spelled out for you... 2 hours + my key holder + me being bound and teased = VERY HAPPY LEO! honestly need i say more.

SO sorry its short. tomorrow i will post the details, and other such happenings in Leo's wonderland.


Monday, October 10, 2011

hard, slow, rough, sensual

You know that part in Alice in Wonderland when she eats the cookie or tart and grows massively huge then drinks some from the bottle and shrinks massively small?? Yeah that's a good way to explain my predicament. "Thank you Lewis Carroll"
I feel like I should add a warning or preface for what is about to ensue but I'm not going too.. I was told that I should be honest and if i cant be honest on a blog that is out there.. then who and when can i be honest, SO here it goes.

Today has been absolutely crazy delightful and ridiculously painful. (pain not physically but psychological and emotionally).. So remember how today is my first day being really locked up.. i mean for all intents and purposes its my second day but whatever. I didn't know what to expect.. Sex is a HUGE part of my life.. I masturbate at least 2x's a day.. that's the BARE MINIMUM.. and i am now locked up.. which is a different kind of pleasure.. I am so excited that when i am unlocked and when i do have that first unlocked orgasm that its going to actually mean something more than just me cumming.. I am hoping that who ever that orgasm is with..*hoping it will be WITH someone.. the fates are cruel*, that it means more.. I decided to start this because i wanted a connection.. well believe me after the second day.. i certainly got a connection alright.. I am not panicking.. mainly because i have a key that i could use at any time.. the reason is because my key holder lives a little further than what is comfortable for us right now, with this being my first lock up. I'm not tempted to use the key.. i actually blew my key holder away because i told him that i wanted/ was thinking about being locked up for 2 weeks.

So I'm really into this guy.. and naturally it made me pretty damn happy to hear that he got hard and was really excited and blown away that i wanted to be locked for longer than he was really planning. I'm a Leo i cant help it ill take gratification any way i can get it.. i need validation and acceptance.. without it i am nothing more than a sad kitten with really poofy hair. So am i willing to push my self being locked up.. for the guy.. hell yeah do i want to make him happy and hopefully get a "good job Leo" or some other form of validation.. hell yeah.. but its not so much about that.. today was a huge indicator of how hot and fun chastity is.. I recently registered on lockedm4m and it said at the top. "they say chastity is addicting" well FUCK NO ONE EVER TOLD ME HOW FAST THE DRUG WORKED.. hahhahha I wanna buy my own cages.. i think i found one that i think looks so damn sexxy that i really wanna try next but i dunno if i will be able to.. which is fine ill just go with what i can do. I am hooked.. its hot that i cant touch myself 2 or more times a day.. and its absolutely unbearable at the same time..
I watched a really hot porn of this black guy pounding the hell outta this white guys ass.. i was sooo hard.. and i couldn't do a damn thing about it.. not to mention if i wasn't locked my key holder gave me a simply command that i couldn't cum or touch myself without his permission. so i wouldn't have jacked off anyway but the point is.. that its hot that i cant because it makes me think about channeling that energy else where instead of wasting it on one 3 second climax..
needless to say today has also been draining as fuck.

I am still learning how to adjust so i don't hit my sensitive balls or rub them the wrong way or something because god knows they get UPSET.. so sometimes i walk funny at first till i can discreetly rearrange. There is something super hot about being locked up and I'm sure anyone reading this can think back to the flood of emotions you must have felt being locked for the first time.. I think for me.. I am most excited that I'm locked up by someone that i am genuinely interested in.. i got to see his cock via pic message unlocked.. it was a thing of beauty.. only added to my hot mess of frustration not being able to pleasure myself.. but then i was able to channel that energy.. and feel it thru my body.. wonder what it feels like it my mouth.. against my ass in my hands.. my whole body started to feel electric.. i was excited in ways that didn't focus on one particular part of my body alone. Don't get me wrong.. i was hard as a fucking rock but i wanted more than to simply cum because of this picture.. i wanted to savor my time with this beautiful man and his amazing dick.

I hope i am not alone.. I hope that others out there can relate on some level on any level really.. because today has been an emotional gauntlet of sorts.. I think i ran the gamma of being so extremely turned on.. that my balls hurt and i just wanted nothing more than to explode cumm.. my penis was perspiring.. i swear to god it was.. to SOOO extremely depleted and void of all energy it hurt soo much.. it hurt to look at the clock and all i had to do was move my eyes.. hhahaha it sounds kind silly to me that i am saying or typing this all out rather.. but whatever its my experience and that makes it all the more worth it.
Today's song is "The Story" by Brandi Carlile if you haven't heard i strongly recommend it because it sings my soul!

Sorry i feel i completely went off on a tangent.. but i guess this post is just a huge cluster fuck anyways.. I feel i should clarify somethings. I am locked up right now because i chose to dive the fuck in head first in the deep end.. and either sink or swim. Does it help that I'm really interested in the man who locked me up.. yes. if you can be interested in someone who wants to lock you up.. and you haven't tried it.. i would recommend it.. although i caution.. because you may loose your head.. cuz fuck sakes i have.. I wanted to tell the man.. i loved him today.. via texting.. and i don't know a faster way to freak a guy out that you have just met a few days ago.. than telling them you love them.. So i am chalking it up to just a whole lot of good hot sexual energy with some good ole fashioned twitterpation thrown in by the fates just to make it spicy.. I didn't text him those words.. I am okay with this decision because i think it would have turned into a ploy on my part to get unlocked.. I have a feeling that i have a few more days like today.. in store.. ultimately i really would LOVE to be locked for 2 weeks.. part of that is a pride thing.. to know that i went from not knowing a damn think about one of the hottest kinks i am now getting into.. to being locked for 2 weeks right out the gate.. Cocky bastard.. are the words that come to my mind.. but honestly i feel i deserve a little cockiness that is if i am able to do it.. I'm also into bondage and because of the order my key holder gave me that i mentioned earlier.. I'm not gonna touch my key.. and even if i wasn't locked.. i wouldn't touch myself.. or I would FUCKING TRY SOOO DAMN HARD NOT TO... and FIGURE THE FUCK OUT HOW TO BEG HIM TO LET ME JUST PLAY A LITTLE.. I already found out I'm not very good at begging but i can take orders.. I'm a quick learner.. I get a little mouthy.. but i think that's the Leo in me.. not willing to "TAKE IT LAYING DOWN" so to speak. hahaha but its soo hot to be bound both physically and mentally.. certainly a challenge as well ;)

I had no idea that this is what my day would unravel with in me.. I think i can relate to Alice a little better when she went thru her growing and shrinking things.. Certainly wanted to cry today.. why exactly I'm not sure i can tell you. But i can tell you that i am so turned on.. by being locked by this amazing man. I am super thrilled and turned on that he is willing to order me about even though my Leo pride can get flared.. i secretly think he likes it.. a little attitude to keep things fresh. I just don't want this all to end like it did for Alice at the end of her stay in wonderland.. The infamous house of cards comes crashing down all around her.
One day at a time.. that's what this is.. and so far its one sexy day at a time. I wanna be held in the worst way though.. i noticed that i have that want and hunger... my cock has been acting as a shield for how lonely Ive been and all i want is someone to call my own.. and to be cheesy as fuck too and with and that will just laugh with me and enjoy my corkyness

well if anyone follows me. good luck figure out all of this.. I know this is a long ass post.. but i had a long ass day full of a gama of emotion.. and since my cock is no longer playing shield and out let for these emotions.. looks like i will be letting the emotions come.. and dealing with them.. along with my crazy urges to touch my caged cock. I can touch it but i cant feel a damn thing.. I cant wait to get unlocked.. but i also cant wait to get locked back up.. I am already craving that commitment.. hahaha silly newbies.. :D


Sunday, October 9, 2011

the first 12 hours

So i met this amazing guy,
isn't that where everything starts to go down rabbit holes so to speak?? Anyways.. I met an amazing guy who has unlocked another side of my "sexualness" for lack of a better term. I am currently in my 12th hour of being "locked up" I currently have a chastity device on my penis preventing me from masturbation and any sort of sex using my penis. I willingly put the device on because I crave a deeper connection to sex and who I am going to have sex with.
as far as the great guy.. he is in total support in fact he is the one that gave me the device to borrow and use, I think what makes this 20 times better.. is he will be the first one I will have the pleasure of having any sort of sexual contact with when I fulfill the amount of time that i will be "locked" or chaste for. This turns me on soooo much words can not describe. I fill this is the deeper meaning and connection that i needed with sex and with my partner.
So here is a blog about my journey into the wonder land of kink and fetish.. I have finally met someone that is willing to teach and enjoy a new student, as much as the student will enjoy their new teacher.
i will write again tomorrow. as it will be my second day "locked" and first full real day of having the device all day long. Here it goes.. deeper into the rabbit hole ..